Welcome to bertheau.com

My name is Tim Bertheau, currently my wife Theresa, and dog Cassie live with me in New Zealand. We moved here in January of 2006 from Silicon Valley California.

Tim Bertheau

I grew up in Michigan and moved to California where I earned a degree in Economics from the University of California. I have worked at; hardware, software, and professional services consulting companies in Silicon Valley and New Zealand.

Theresa Dayog

My wife Theresa has two degrees; Microbiology with a Chemistry minor, and Computer Science with a software engineering focus. You can say I married up!

Tim Bertheau and Cassie

My dog Cassie just eats sleeps and swims. She came with us and had to spend 30 days in quarantine upon arrival to New Zealand.

Melissa Theresa Adam

Our two children still live in Northern California, Melissa earned a degree in Environmental Studies, and Adam earned a Music degree and is currently in a Masters Program at the University of California in Education.

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